Industrial Engraving

Custom industrial projects are welcome. In order to quote your project the following;

Material – Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Inconel, Brass etc.
Part Dimensions – Drawing and Image with ruler for scale
Text or Artwork

Artwork files must be in a high resolution black and white scale able Vector file such as the following extensions *.ai, *.eps, *pdf, *.svg or *.dxf

Raster file formats may be usable such as *gif, *.png, *.tif, *.jpg or *.bmp, however the resolution must be high enough to convert it to a usable Vector graphic format.

If you zoom in on the file and see pixelation or choppy stair-step jagged edges, your graphic may not be usable.

Our standard laser marking does not include additional time that may be required to fix or convert poor quality graphic files. If we determine that your file requires work to correct issues, we will notify you with an estimate.

Black and white line art style graphics work best. Graphics with colors or various shaded tones may be problematic and not produce a quality mark.

Feel free to email your graphic file and we will check it for quality before starting your order.

Send us your requirements and we will give you a prompt price quote.

You will find our pricing is competitive, service is precise and quick, and our quality is second to none.

Please send project files along with any associated detail to:

Order by: